ohmistercrowley: Unknown! Tell me so I can credit! (Hello Darling)
2012-04-16 07:21 pm

For [personal profile] righteous_bro

Crowley wouldn't say that he was worried. It had little to do with any particular affection for Dean that he may or may not have, and was simply some added insurance on his investment. All his eggs were in their basket, after all. It was simply to ensure that while the Winchesters continued on with their inane, sentimental need to hurl themselves into harm's way, that it would be slightly more difficult for them to actually off themselves.

When Crowley appeared in the motel room, a smug curl of his lips, there was something small, dark and squirming in one of his hands. Sam had just left -- one might almost think that he planned these things; sometimes he did. He didn't expect Dean to take to this particularly well at first, but Crowley wasn't giving the man a choice.

"Hello, darling."