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Apr. 16th, 2012 07:21 pm
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Crowley wouldn't say that he was worried. It had little to do with any particular affection for Dean that he may or may not have, and was simply some added insurance on his investment. All his eggs were in their basket, after all. It was simply to ensure that while the Winchesters continued on with their inane, sentimental need to hurl themselves into harm's way, that it would be slightly more difficult for them to actually off themselves.

When Crowley appeared in the motel room, a smug curl of his lips, there was something small, dark and squirming in one of his hands. Sam had just left -- one might almost think that he planned these things; sometimes he did. He didn't expect Dean to take to this particularly well at first, but Crowley wasn't giving the man a choice.

"Hello, darling."

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"You know I'm not interested in dudes, right? Or demons."

He played with his coffee cup for a minute, then at Mary.

"And you can't have the dog back, either. She's very particular and no one else would know how to keep her happy."

That was entirely untrue. She was a pretty easygoing dog, even as a puppy, but Dean liked her and she wasn't going anywhere.

"Of course I wouldn't listen to Sam. He thinks dating demons is A-Okay."

Not that Dean was bitter or anything.

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Yeah, that was usually how it went when Dean went after women. That wasn't really comforting, though, because he usually got those women to sleep with him eventually. Then again, he did have a very charming smile.

"I guess you're welcome to try."

He shrugged and reached for the danish. If puppies and coffee and pastries were how Crowley tried to win someone over, Dean was happy to be on the receiving end, even if he wasn't really interested in what Crowley was.

He scratched behind Mary's ear. He'd grown attached to her at an embarrassingly fast rate already. Sam was pretty annoyed that he'd gotten a dog without talking to him first, but it wasn't like he'd planned her and Sam was clearly just jealous, anyway.

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He was charming and the fact that Dean could admit that, even to himself, was unsettling. Crowley could be a real dick when he wanted to be, but he was also good at making people forget about it a minute later and making them forget he was even a demon at all.

Dean couldn't afford to let his guard down, so he just ate his danish and kept an eye on Crowley.

"So, should I expect this to happen again? Because I'm not sure how well Sam will actually react to you bringing me breakfast if you catch him in the room when you do it. I didn't really tell him that you gave me Mary."

Because she was clearly not evil. She was entirely too cute to be and he wasn't going to let Sam put her through tests to prove it.

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Alone with his puppy and about a million questions, maybe. He'd had no time to react and his lips were still tingling. After a minute, he looked down at Mary.

"I have no idea what that was. Do you?"

Her answer was less-than-helpful, but he couldn't really hold it against her. He gave her the last tiny bite of his pastry and pet her.

"At least I get you out of it, though, huh? You're worth putting up with a crazy demon who probably doesn't want me dead."

Then he remembered what Crowley had said about the roses. He finished his coffee and got dressed before taking Mary out for a quick walk and leaving her food and water. Crowley might have just saved them days of work on this case.

In the end, Crowley's information had saved Dean from a broken leg and a dead brother. He would have to actually thank the guy next time he popped up.

He found that having a puppy excited to see him when he got back made hunting a little less weary. Instead of coming back to a sterile motel room and passing out, he came back to a dog that needed a quick walk and a ton of attention. She would jump on him for a few minutes and then they would settle on his bed and he would pet her until he fell asleep. Sam kept teasing him about it, but Sam was just jealous.

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Dean groaned. He was already awake, but he wasn't awake enough to be ready to face Crowley, not that he thought he would ever be awake enough after he'd kissed Dean. He did perk up a little when he noticed the smell of coffee, though.

"Thanks, uh... for that heads up with the flowers. We were totally off-base on that hunt."

That was about all he could make himself say on the matter. He wasn't going to get emotional and talk about how Crowley had probably saved Sam's life. Crowley could just figure that out or whatever.

Dean wrangled Mary gently and pulled her into his lap.

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Dean took the coffee with one hand, the other still on Mary.

"Tell me you didn't bake those."

This was too much. Dean could barely wrap his brain around the kiss and now Crowley was bringing him muffins. This was just not happening. He was dreaming. A djinn? No, he wouldn't wish for this. A really twisted djinn?

Whatever, he can't remember the last time he had a warm muffin.

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Dean took his hand off of Mary to grab one. She lifted her head, look somewhere between questioning and annoyed, but he'd give her a little piece without any blueberries later, so he figured she'd understand.

He took a bite and it was actually... well, it was really good. Who would have thought that demons could bake? No one's baked anything for Dean since he was a little kid, back before his mom died. He's had some fresh-baked thing, but never things that were baked for him.

He smiled, even if he didn't really want to. He was starting to forget why he should be discouraging Crowley at all.

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Dean wasn't sure if it was the fact that it was fresh and warm or the fact that they were made for him or something else entirely, but it really was a good muffin as far as he could tell.

"It's good. I wouldn't have pegged you as the baking type."

Did Crowley have to sit so close? God damn, he's just right there. Was he going to kiss Dean again? Dean wasn't even sure how to feel about that. He didn't really want him to, per se, but the idea didn't bother him as much as it probably should have.

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Dean's eyes darted to Crowley's mouth. He wasn't stupid. He knew why Crowley was sitting so close. He wasn't going to give the demon the satisfaction of knowing how uncomfortable he was.

He leaned back, sharing a tiny piece with Mary and trying to focus on her and not on the demon who was doing a great impression of Cas.

"Well... you're good at it, I guess."

Not that Dean had a lot of home-made baked good to compare it to.


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